Morningstar Fund Indices    | Three month
As of Wednesday, February 20, 2019
The Morningstar Fund Indices are Canada's most comprehensive and reliable mutual fund indices. Updated daily, the Morningstar Fund Indices allow you to easily track the various segments of the mutual fund industry. View as either One Day, One Week, One Month or Three Month returns.
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IndexThree month
Precious Metals Equity20.8
Greater China Equity8.9
Asia Pacific ex-Japan Equity8.4
Canadian Focused Small/Mid Cap Equity7.9
Canadian Equity7.7
Emerging Markets Equity7.5
Real Estate Equity6.7
Canadian Small/Mid Cap Equity6.6
US Small/Mid Cap Equity6.4
Canadian Dividend & Income Equity5.9
Global Infrastructure Equity5.7
Canadian Long Term Fixed Income5.7
Asia Pacific Equity5.7
Canadian Focused Equity5.5
Financial Services Equity5.4
Emerging Markets Fixed Income5.4
2035 Target Date Portfolio5.0
US Equity5.0
International Equity5.0
Global Equity4.9
Canadian Equity Balanced4.8
Natural Resources Equity4.8
2030 Target Date Portfolio4.7
Canadian Neutral Balanced4.4
Global Equity Balanced4.3
European Equity4.1
Global Neutral Balanced4.1
Global Small/Mid Cap Equity3.9
2025 Target Date Portfolio3.8
North American Equity3.8
Tactical Balanced3.6
2035+ Target Date Portfolio3.4
Canadian Fixed Income Balanced3.3
Global Fixed Income Balanced3.2
Canadian Fixed Income3.1
Canadian Corporate Fixed Income3.0
Global Corporate Fixed Income2.9
High Yield Fixed Income2.8
Global Fixed Income2.6
Short-term Target Date Portfolio2.3
Canadian Short Term Fixed Income1.7
Energy Equity1.6
Canadian Inflation Protected Fixed Income1.2
Floating Rate Loans0.7
US Money Market0.7
Canadian Money Market0.4
Preferred Share Fixed Income-2.8