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Morningstar Advisor Workstation is Morningstar’s integrated solution for advisors who want to increase their productivity and sales while improving their service to clients. Workstation helps you accomplish this with smart and flexible online tools that can be customised to any need and situation. Below you will find the different components of a successful advisory process. Each component is covered by a specific Workstation function.
Report Builder
  With the Report Builder function in Workstation Portfolio, you don't have to print out individual reports in piecemeal fashion and assemble presentations by hand. Report Builder saves you time by allowing you to pull together major components - Risk Assessment results, Investment Detail pages, and Portfolio Snapshots - from a single menu. Batch processing in Report Builder further enhances efficiency, allowing you to generate reports for a large number of clients with a few clicks of your mouse.
Client Assessment
  The Risk and Needs modules answer the most fundamental question in the advisory process: What is your client's target asset mix? The Risk Questionnaire is the qualitative approach, whereas the Needs Assessment module is the quantitative approach to your client's target asset mix. By combining the Risk Questionnaire with the Needs Assessment module, you will get the best possible analysis of your client's situation. Both modules come with reports that summarize your client's target asset mix in easy-to-understand images and words.
Research Engine
  The Research engine lets you access Morningstar's universe of fund data, which you can filter to find the funds that meet your search criteria. Access up-to-date information about fund performance, risk and holdings. Highly advanced screening capabilities allow you to search the universe of funds for the funds that best fit your client's target asset mix. Create lists of favourite funds, save searches and, at the click of a button, access complete fund reports, ready to be printed and handed to your clients. Use the Research Report Builder to combine over six report types, a cover page and a returns table for personalized presentations for prospective clients.