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Data Through  23 Oct 14
Today's 52-week Highs    1 - 10 of 39 Next10
Ticker Exchange Name 52-week high
 52-week low
ART TSX Venture Arth Media Inc  0.40 0.08
BEP.UN TSX Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP  35.77 27.04
BIN TSX Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd  29.46 24.69
BMO.PR.W TSX Bank of Montreal  25.25 24.95
BRP TSX Brookfield Residential Properties Inc  26.32 19.62
CAR.UN TSX Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investme 25.05 20.13
CID TSX Venture Cicada Ventures Ltd  0.02 0.01
CJT TSX Cargojet Inc  23.77 11.12
CJT.A TSX Cargojet Inc  23.50 10.95
CLR TSX Clearwater Seafoods Inc  11.29 5.72
Today's 52-week Lows    1 - 10 of 71 Next10
Ticker Exchange Name 52-week low
 52-week high
ABS TSX Venture Abzu Gold Ltd  0.04 0.40
ABX TSX Barrick Gold Corp  14.80 23.78
AGG TSX Venture African Gold Group Inc  0.05 0.23
ANV TSX Allied Nevada Gold Corp  2.54 7.42
AQ TSX Venture African Queen Mines Ltd  0.01 0.08
AUN TSX Venture Aurcana Corp  0.32 2.32
AXR TSX Alexco Resource Corp  0.55 2.50
BBD.PR.B TSX Bombardier Inc  11.88 15.64
BBD.PR.C TSX Bombardier Inc  21.00 23.50
BGM TSX Venture Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd  0.19 1.00
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