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Data Through  27 Jul 15
Today's 52-week Highs    1 - 8 of 8
Ticker Exchange Name 52-week high
 52-week low
ALZ TSX Venture Aldershot Resources Ltd  0.05 0.03
BCC TSX Venture The Canadian Bioceutical Corp  0.41 0.04
GDI TSX GDI Integrated Facility Services Inc  20.10 3.26
IGP TSX Venture Imperial Ginseng Products Ltd  0.69 0.34
NRZ.H TSX Venture Norzan Enterprises Ltd  0.10 0.01
PRH TSX Venture Pearl River Holdings Ltd  0.32 0.05
STE TSX Venture Starr Peak Exploration Ltd  0.27 0.03
UNS TSX Uni-Select Inc  51.18 25.01
Today's 52-week Lows    1 - 10 of 277 Next10
Ticker Exchange Name 52-week low
 52-week high
ACO.X TSX Atco Ltd  37.67 51.23
ACO.Y TSX Atco Ltd  38.00 51.00
ACQ TSX AutoCanada Inc  30.24 78.00
AEI TSX Arsenal Energy Inc  2.17 9.80
AET.UN TSX Argent Energy Trust  0.18 2.93
AEZ TSX AEterna Zentaris Inc  0.24 1.68
AGI TSX Alamos Gold Inc  3.90 11.07
AIF TSX Altus Group Ltd  17.11 24.49
AIM.PR.C TSX Aimia Inc  21.20 26.86
ALA TSX AltaGas Ltd  35.54 53.06
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