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Data Through  24 Jun 16
Today's 52-week Highs    1 - 10 of 84 Next10
Ticker Exchange Name 52-week high
 52-week low
AMM TSX Almaden Minerals Ltd  1.88 0.65
ARL TSX Africo Resources Ltd  1.00 0.30
BCE.PR.R TSX BCE Inc  19.43 12.75
BGL TSX Venture Bandera Gold Ltd  0.02 0.01
BSK TSX Venture Blue Sky Uranium Corp  0.31 0.04
BTO TSX B2Gold Corp  3.20 0.86
BVA TSX Venture Bravada Gold Corp  0.40 0.02
CAR.UN TSX Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investme 32.36 24.90
CEF.A TSX Central Fund of Canada 18.28 12.87
CFB TSX Venture Chieftain Metals Corp  0.22 0.03
Today's 52-week Lows    1 - 10 of 32 Next10
Ticker Exchange Name 52-week low
 52-week high
ALC TSX Algoma Central Corp  9.75 17.60
CCO TSX Cameco Corp  14.01 19.32
CST TSX Venture CO2 Solutions Inc  0.12 0.28
DGJ TSX DB Gold Double Short ETN 6.71 11.87
DHX.A TSX DHX Media Ltd  6.00 9.70
DW TSX DataWind Inc  1.45 2.80
EXO TSX Venture EXO U Inc  0.09 0.97
EYC TSX Venture Eyecarrot Innovations Corp  0.12 2.45
FHB TSX First Asset Hamilton Cptl EurBk ETF Comm 5.76 11.26
GBX TSX iPath® GBP/USD Exchange Rate ETN 47.25 54.23
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