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Data Through  23 Apr 14
Today's 52-week Highs    1 - 10 of 111 Next10
Ticker Exchange Name 52-week high
 52-week low
AAV TSX Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd  6.59 3.55
AOG/UN TSX Aston Hill Advantage Oil & Gas Income Fund  5.65 4.60
BMO.PR.J TSX Bank of Montreal  25.98 24.01
BNK TSX Bankers Petroleum Ltd  5.85 2.40
BNP TSX Bonavista Energy Corp  17.85 11.25
BPO TSX Brookfield Office Properties Inc  22.43 16.44
BSD.UN TSX Brookfield Soundvest Equity Fund  2.75 1.01
BXE TSX Bellatrix Exploration Ltd  10.63 4.70
BYD.UN TSX Boyd Group Income Fund  39.12 18.80
CBD/A TSX iShares Balanced Inc CorePortfolio Adv 20.99 19.43
Today's 52-week Lows    1 - 9 of 9
Ticker Exchange Name 52-week low
 52-week high
BLM TSX Venture BluMetric Environmental Inc  0.21 0.55
DL TSX Danier Leather Inc  9.83 13.11
EUU TSX Venture European Uranium Resources Ltd  0.05 0.30
FMC TSX Forbes & Manhattan Coal Corp  0.08 0.59
HED TSX Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Cap Energy Bear 2.38 4.80
NZ TSX Venture New Zealand Energy Corp  0.16 0.49
ON TSX Venture OneRoof Energy Group Inc  1.75 2.55
TRM TSX Venture Trueclaim Exploration Inc  0.02 0.10
WEY TSX Venture Wolfeye Resource Corp  0.05 0.45
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