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TD Dividend Growth
This fund's fortunes will tend to rise and fall with the fate of the Canadian banks.
Vishal Mansukhani | 18 Dec 14
CI Harbour
A fresh start for CI Harbour.
Shehryar Khan | 18 Dec 14
Mawer New Canada
A team of experience and youth delivers.
Shehryar Khan | 11 Dec 14
Tye Bousada- EdgePoint Wealth Management Inc.Manager Monitor
Tye Bousada- EdgePoint Wealth Management Inc.

Diana Cawfield | 19 Dec 14
Walter McCormick- Manulife Asset Management (US) LLC

Michael Ryval | 12 Dec 14
Clayton Zacharias- Invesco Canada Ltd.

Diana Cawfield | 05 Dec 14
Fund Watch
Trailer fees on trial
OSC roundtable panellists debate whether embedded advisor pay should be abolished.
Rudy Luukko | 07 Jun 13
PlayBusiness News Network
Stewardship Grades are coming to Morningstar Canada
Don Phillips talks about Morningstar's stewardship principles on BNN's Trading Day.
Don Phillips |  08 Jul 09
Feature Fund Analyst Pick
PH&N Bond D
Strong management and low fees make a great recipe for success.
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 Top & Bottom Fund Indices Ranked by 3 Month Return%
1 Day1 Week1 Month3 Month
Top Performers
US Small/Mid Cap Equity7.2
US Equity7.2
Canadian Long Term Fi...6.1
Greater China Equity5.1
Real Estate Equity3.2
Bottom Performers
Natural Resources Equity-19.9
Precious Metals Equity-14.1
Canadian Small/Mid Ca...-7.0
Emerging Markets Equity-5.4
Canadian Equity-3.3
Data as of  19 Dec 14
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Giant Funds
FundAsset Size ($bil)
RBC Canadian Divi...18.2
Investors Dividend C17.8
RBC Select Conser...16.7
RBC Select Balanc...14.8
RBC Bond Sr A13.4
Fidelity Monthly ...12.8
TD Canadian Bond - I10.7
iShares S&P/TSX 6010.6
RBC Monthly Incom...9.5
Manulife Monthly ...9.5
Data as of  30 Nov 14
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Top Ten Funds3Mth %
Data as of  19 Dec 14
Top 10 Fund Performers
Fund1 Yr Return %
Excel India Series F61.2
RBC Life B60.8
Excel India59.5
HSBC Indian Equit...56.0
BMO India Equity ETF53.8
HSBC Indian Equit...53.8
HSBC Indian Equit...53.0
HorizonsBetaPro N...53.0
HSBC Indian Equit...52.2
HSBC Indian Equit...52.2
Data as of  30 Nov 14
Bottom 10 Fund Performers
Fund1 Yr Return %
HorizonsBetaPro S...-72.7
HorizonsBetaPro N...-49.9
HorizonsBetaPro N...-47.0
HorizonsBetaPro C...-46.1
BC Advantage Stru...-43.5
HorizonsBetaPro N...-41.2
HorizonsBetaPro S...-39.0
Dominion Equity R...-38.1
Dominion Equity R...-37.9
Lawrence Enterpri...-37.7
Data as of  30 Nov 14