3 Great Canadian Growth ETFs for 2024 play-circle--s
Canadian flag held in front of valley
These highly-rated strategies capture the momentum of the broad market from Canada.
binocularsWill the New Inflation Story Hurt Stocks?
Insights into important market performance and economic trends from Dan Kemp, Morningstar’s global chief research and investment officer.
House investing illustrationHow to Use Your Home as a Retirement Asset in Canada
Your home often constitutes your largest equity holding - here's how to leverage it.
Healthcare and AI symbol3 Healthcare Firms Using AI to Revolutionize the Industry
Invest in a new standard of patient care with these stocks.
Justin Trudeau and Chrystia FreelandHighlights from Canada’s 2024 Federal Budget
Here are some of the main announcements in Chrystia Freeland’s budget.
ETF illustrationThe Best- and Worst-Performing ETFs for the Quarter
Dynamic Active Global Dividend ETF was the best-performing ETF in Q1 2024, while BMO Clean Energy Index ETF was the worst.

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leafSustainable Funds
Morningstar's highest rated sustainable funds.
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Leveraging Morningstar's quantitative ratings, these stocks have what it takes to win in the long run.
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These funds receive our highest ratings: Gold, Silver, or Bronze.
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Morningstar Indexes are designed to help guide investors
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