CPMS empowers investment selection

Morningstar Quant Concepts

Choosing what stocks to invest in is hard, and knowing when to sell them is harder still. Welcome to Quant Concepts, a weekly series where our experts explore different rules-based strategies for the North American equity market, leveraging Morningstar’s proprietary quantitative investment platform, CPMS™.

Intelligent, disciplined, precision investing

  • U.S. low volatility stocks

    CPMS's Emily Halverson-Duncan helps you form a North American portfolio built to weather unpleasant markets

  • Low volatility performs

    CPMS's Emily Halverson-Duncan builds a basket of Canadian names that have beaten the benchmark in unsteady markets

  • Cutting your losses

    Stop-loss orders sell for you when stocks suffer too much, but is it a good strategy in the long run? CPMS's Emily Halverson-Duncan tests the tactic with a Canadian value portfolio

  • When companies invest in shareholders

    Dividends, share buybacks and debt retirement provide shareholder value, but do they yield long term success? CPMS's Ian Tam investigates

  • Defensive dividends?

    Value investing's had a tough run in Canada - but markets have a tendency to mean-revert, meaning you might want to stock up on discount names with these tips from CPMS's Ian Tam

  • Picking the best of the bunch

    Is your stock the gold standard for its industry? Find companies with the factors that matter with CPMS's Emily Halverson-Duncan

  • Rely on proven, quantitative analysis and timely data

  • Disciplined stock selection delivers superior returns

  • Actionable reports provide stock picks and insights

Product demonstrations and complimentary trials

To arrange for a product demonstration or to request a free trial of Morningstar® CPMS™ please contact us at cacpmsupport@morningstar.com, or call 1-877-489-7074 ext. 3 then ext. 2 to speak to a representative.