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Choosing what stocks to invest in is hard, and knowing when to sell them is harder still. Welcome to Quant concepts, a weekly series where our experts explore different rules-based strategies for the North American equity market, leveraging Morningstar’s proprietary quantitative investment platform, CPMS™.

Intelligent, disciplined and precise investing

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    Momentum Bets in the Face of Volatility

    Josh Farruggio capitalizes on the ups and downs of the market by selecting these stocks with sustainable cash flow and good risk metrics.

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    Steady Returns and Modest Income Strategy

    This strategy from Brandon Strong has delivered a healthy blend of growth, value, income and momentum.

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    Defensive Stocks with Consistent Dividends

    This strategy from Josh Farruggio focuses on stocks with solid earnings growth, sustainable dividend payments and exceptional downside protection.

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    Companies with Competitive Advantages

    This strategy finds companies that may have more stability in volatile times and have outperformed throughout different market cycles.

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    Want to Stay Invested?

    This recession resistance strategy from Ryan Strong hasn't sacrificed alpha on the upside while defending on the downside.

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    Diversify by Going Domestic

    By including small American companies that benefit from domestic economic growth, Phil found a strategy that's outperformed in times of broad market uncertainty.

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    Disciplined stock selection delivers superior returns

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To arrange for a product demonstration or to request a free trial of Morningstar® CPMS™ please contact us at cacpmsupport@morningstar.com, or call 1-877-489-7074 ext. 3 then ext. 2 to speak to a representative.

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