CPMS Empowers Investment Selection

Morningstar Quant Concepts

Picking stocks is hard, knowing when to sell is harder still. Welcome to Quant concepts, a weekly series where we explore different rules-based strategies for the North American equity market, leveraging Morningstar’s proprietary quantitative investment platform, CPMS™. Morningstar® CPMS™ is a quantitative, fundamental portfolio management tool, used by Institutional Portfolio Managers and Investment Advisors, to effectively manage a portfolio of stocks while maintaining investment discipline.

A variety of insightful topics for you to explore

  • How to invest in familiar names

    Investing in known names brings a sense of comfort - here's how to create a screen for them - Morningstar CPMS' Emily Halverson-Duncan takes a U.S. dividend approach

  • The best Canadian high yield stocks

    As the Bank of Canada continues to hold rates steady, income seeking investors continue to seek fixed income alternatives, says Morningstar CPMS' Ian Tam

  • Want to manage multiple styles?

    Styles go in and out of favour, so it's better to have more than one - here's how to build your own value and growth portfolio

  • Style-oriented portfolio construction

    From dividends to momentum, you can put your strategy in motion with Emily Halverson-Duncan, Director of CPMS Sales at Morningstar as she shows to build a portfolio around your preferred investment characteristics

  • Finding value stocks in Canada

    Are there bargains to be had at home amidst the global trade tensions? Morningstar''s Director of CPMS Sales, Ian Tam shows us a few tricks he uses to find them, including comparing a company''s valuation against its own history

  • How to build a portfolio set for growth

    Learn how to pick growth companies which offer the potential for great long term gains

  • Rely on Proven, Quantitative Analysis and Timely Analytics

    Morningstar CPMS is a powerful online platform that quantitatively ranks and filters stocks based on a variety of equity strategies. When you employ CPMS strategies as part of your investment process you'll have more time to focus on growing your business.

  • Disciplined Stock Selection Delivers Superior Returns

    CPMS strategies are used by Canada's top institutional money managers. The strategies are time-tested and have outperformed the S&P/TSX composite index since inception.

  • Actionable Reports Provide Stock Picks and Insights

    Several on-screen reports at the individual stock level include market information, daily price information, latest earnings reports, and financial information.

Product Demonstrations and Complimentary Trials

To arrange for a product demonstration or request a free trial of CMPS please call us at cacpmsupport@morningstar.com