Paul Kaplan’s interview with Larry SiegelWhy the Quant Theory of Money May Be Wrong play-circle--s
In the second part of Paul Kaplan’s interview with Larry Siegel, the two discuss the theory that says that inflation occurs when the supply of money grows faster than the price-adjusted demand for money - and why it might be wrong.
Paul Kaplan’s interview with Larry SiegelETFs Have Made the Market Inefficient, and Other Myths play-circle--s
In the first part of Paul Kaplan’s interview with Larry Siegel, the two discuss whether passive investing has made the market more inefficient, whether data is the next big thing in active management, and the rate at which equities outperformed cash.
Bangkok, ThailandEmerging and Frontier Markets: Your Quick Guide
Know your Togo from your Trinidad? A brief guide to how investors can tell their emerging from their developed markets.

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