How should non-portfolio assets affect your asset allocation?

They're part of your net worth, but they might not have a direct impact on your portfolio's stock/bond/cash mix.

Christine Benz 13 July, 2018 | 5:00PM

How many legs does your retirement "stool" have? If you're lucky, you might have three -- the traditional retirement-funding stool that consists of government benefits, a pension and your retirement assets. But more and more workers will have just two legs to rely on for their in-retirement cash flows: government benefits and their personal portfolios.

Setting aside the issue of whether a retirement portfolio plan can stand on two legs (I think it can, with some planning), another key question is how those non-portfolio assets, such as CPP/QPP benefits, should affect how you position your portfolio. If a healthy amount of your in-retirement income needs are being met by non-portfolio assets, does that mean you can reasonably maintain a more aggressive asset allocation with your investment portfolio? How should non-portfolio "assets" like whole life insurance and real estate holdings affect asset allocation, if at all?

Here's a look at some of the key "non-portfolio" assets that you might bring into retirement, along with how they might affect the asset allocation of your investment portfolio.

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