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MOST READ: The top performing mutual funds of 2018, women in investing, and four undervalued stocks

Ruth Saldanha 11 March, 2019 | 5:00PM

What did investors read about last week? The top performing Canadian mutual funds of 2018, women in investing, and four undervalued stocks, were the most popular articles last week

The best performing mutual funds of 2018
Of over 1,000 medalist mutual funds that had positive returns, most of the top performers are U.S. focused

Women in Investing
SPECIAL REPORT: We turn the spotlight on women this week – women who manage money, analyze stocks and help plan your financial future!

Four undervalued stocks as bulwark against uncertainty
One way to be defensive is to look for value opportunities arising out of the disconnect between stock prices of some quality names and their fair value estimates

What should women ask their financial planners?
Get personal, express yourself and explore risks when seeking advice

Responsible investing firm’s focus list includes energy and J&J
NEI sees a role for companies willing to change for the climate

Divorce yourself from financial friction
Expert relationship advice for fiscal harmony, and what to do when you go from saying ‘I do’ to ‘I don’t’

Canadian bank-lovers should look beyond our Southern border
U.S. regional banks boast a US $2 trillion market cap - larger than the entire Canadian equity market, according to Hamilton Capital

Is portfolio diversification a myth?
In the traditional sense, yes. Investors today must look beyond the traditional areas and asset mixes for “real” diversification

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