EdgePoint wins 2015 Steward of the Year Award

Patrick Farmer explains how EdgePoint aligns its own interests with that of its fundholders.

Jess Morgan 27 November, 2015 | 6:00PM
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Jess Chapman: Jess Chapman for Morningstar.ca. I'm here with Patrick Farmer of EdgePoint and his company is the winner of the 2015 Steward of the Year Award.

Patrick, can you tell us a little bit about EdgePoint's approach to stewardship and how it contributed to your big win tonight?

Patrick Farmer: Well, I think an important component of the steward award is the alignment of interest between management and the investors and we take it very seriously at EdgePoint. I think if I had to pick one thing that demonstrates that we have an unbelievable alignment of interest, it's of simple fact that the internal partners, there's 45 at EdgePoint, we have $102 million of our own money invested in the same products that our clients invest in. So, what's good for us is good for them and vice versa.

Chapman: Absolutely. Where do you see your stewardship approach changing in the coming years?

Farmer: I don't think we need to change anything.

Chapman: Yeah, no sense in messing with the winning system, right?

Farmer: Exactly.

Chapman: Okay. Well, congratulations, Patrick.

Farmer: Thank you very much.

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