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BMO InvestorLine wins Best Online Brokerage Award (again!)

BMO's Julie Barker-Merz has some fighting words for her competitors!

Jess Morgan 27 November, 2015 | 6:00PM
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Jess Chapman: Jess Chapman with Morningstar.ca. I'm here with Julie Barker-Merz from BMO who is once again of this year's Best Online Brokerage Award.

Julie, once again for BMO InvestorLine. What is the secret?

Julie Barker-Merz: Well, it's three years for us and I think it's our complete and utter commitment to our clients and we've got an amazing engaged client base who let us know what they want, what they need and how we're doing and we stay on top of it and we know it's important to them and we deliver and we deliver year-in and year-out.

Chapman: Now you mentioned something called BMO Blue and it's coming. Tell us a little more about that.

Barker-Merz: I can't tell you much.

Chapman: Oh, come on.

Barker-Merz: I'll just throw up a little teaser so that everybody is looking out for something in January. But we're really excited. I mean we're an innovator in the digital investing space. We always have been and we take great pride in that and we're just keeping up with that reputation. So, look out for us in January and you might see something exciting.

Chapman: Now, one company you wanted to look out for you especially is Wealthsimple. They are the robo-advice company. What is your message to Wealthsimple today?

Barker-Merz: My message is look out. Look out in your rear view mirror. You might see a little bit of BMO Blue catching up to you. I mean, they are a great company, and we have a great deal of respect for all of our competitors in not only the online brokerage space but in the digital investing space overall, and we've really been watching how consumer behavior has changed and who has been out there and who has been defining the territory, and there is a lot that they are doing that we're watching, and we're really proud of what they have done for the industry.

Chapman: But ultimately, these are fighting words, are they not?

Barker-Merz: Absolutely.

Chapman: She is a fighter. Julie Barker-Merz with BMO. Thanks very much.

Barker-Merz: My pleasure. Thank you.

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