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CI wins 2015 Foreign Equity Fund Manager Award

Richard Jenkins explains how CI came out on top after a rough year in global markets.

Jess Morgan 27 November, 2015 | 6:00PM
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Jess Chapman: Jess Chapman for Morningstar.ca. I'm here with Richard Jenkins from CI Black Creek. He is Morningstar's Foreign Equity Fund Manager of the Year.

Richard, this has been a very dramatic year for the global markets. How have you adapted your strategies to that reality?

Richard Jenkins: Well, the truth is that we keep our strategy constant in a world that's always been fluctuating. In the foreign markets there's always some place that's going through exuberant up times and some place that's going through down times, and by keeping a constant strategy through that you can take advantage of both the down and the upcycle. So, that's really how we've done it. We've been at it 25 years and I guess the grey hair, we earn it, you learn not to get too carried away by things that are down and too carried away by things that are up.

Chapman: So, look into your crystal ball for us for a moment: Where do you see the global market heading in the next year?

Jenkins: Well, I don't know about the next year. Black Creek is really a specialist in long-term 10-year investment cycles. That's been really what's helped us differentiate ourselves from our competition to find those companies who we think can win over a decade, but also survive whatever volatility comes, because in global markets, I promise you, there is going to be a problem or volatility from somewhere that no one has thought about. So, you want to prepare in advance for that. That's really how we do it.

Chapman: It's important to remember that I'm sure the fact that you remember that is why you are Foreign Equity Fund Manager of the Year. Thank you very much and congratulations Richard.

Jenkins: Thank you very much to Morningstar as well for thinking of us. We really appreciate it. Thank you.

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