Morningstar Awards: Mawer wins Fund Company of Year

Mawer's Paul Moroz cites their dedication and process consistency to an overall stellar performance.

Ashley Redmond 28 November, 2014 | 6:00PM
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Ashley Redmond: I'm Ashley Redmond for I am here with team members of Mawer. They just picked up Analyst Choice Fund Company of the year. Congratulations guys.

Paul Moroz: Thank you very much.

Michael Mezei: Thanks.

Redmond: You guys won this award last year. And it seems like you truly stick to your motto of Be Boring. Make Money. Paul, how do you do this every single day?

Moroz: Well I think that we are really focused on the input, our process, and we hold that really dear to our hearts. That’s what our research team is focused on, just consistency in process.

Redmond: Is there truly a sense of team at Mawer?

Mezei: Absolutely. Team work is critical to what we do, and we think investing is hard; it's big, it's complicated and it's rapidly changing. So we think that we'll be able to invest much better as a team than anyone of us could possibly do on their own.

Redmond: And when you look back at 2014 is there a specific initiative or moment that you are really proud of?

Mezei: You hear us talk about our culture and we're very proud of our culture and we got some external validation of that, we won an award called the Focus Elite Culture Award. That puts us at the top from a culture perspective [within] investment firms. So, we are very proud of that.

Redmond: That’s fantastic, congratulations. [What do you want] the end experience to be like for investors that invest with you?

Moroz: Well, we want them to sleep at night and achieve their financial goals. It’s Be Boring. Make Money. so that’s it.

Redmond: Michael, what should investors expect from Mawer in 2015?

Mezei: More of the same. Our approach is consistent and really that’s what makes us the most proud of winning this award two years in a row. It's just that consistency. So investors can expect that same approach, that [same] consistency year-after-year.

Redmond: Paul would you like to add something more?

Moroz: No, we're just really humbled to have received the award.

Redmond: Alright congratulations again.

Mezei: Thank you.

Moroz: Thank you.

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