Top Articles for the week of May 20

MOST READ: How Morningstar Quantitative Ratings help predict both winners and losers in the fund world, the best mutual funds of Q1, and the best ETFs to hold for retirement

Ruth Saldanha 27 May, 2019 | 5:00PM

What did investors read about last week? Mutual funds, mostly – the best funds of Q1, the best ETFs to hold in a retirement portfolio, and why the Morningstar Quantitative Ratings work, were the most popular articles last week

Top performing mutual funds of Q1
Three marijuana funds had returns over 30%, while one global equity and one U.S. equity fund made the top 5

The best ETFs to hold in a retirement portfolio
Morningstar helps you build a portfolio using global, U.S., international, and international equity exchange-traded funds, and a balanced ETF option

Ratings that help you de-select funds
How to avoid inferior investments with Morningstar Quantitative Ratings

Three lessons from a Canadian investing legend
The need for a "margin of safety" and other essential investment advice from famed deep-value investor Peter Cundill, by Morningtar's Larissa Fernand

This little-known giant is mastering mid-caps
Mackenzie's Phil Taller plays in an unloved segment with room to grow

When market volatility meets your retirement portfolio
What to do if you think recent market weakness is a sign of times to come

The best performing mutual funds of 2018
Of over 1,000 medalist mutual funds that had positive returns, most of the top performers are U.S. focused

Canada's housing market off-limits to first-timers
New survey shows most first-time home buyers worried they won’t make the down payment

Four cheap Canadian energy stocks
These leading Canadian energy stocks have made substantial gains so far this year but are still trading below their fair values

There is no technology-stock bubble
Morningstar's VP of research, John Rekenthaler, says today's tech stocks are far from repeating the woes of 2000-02

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