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MOST READ: The top performing mutual funds of 2018, Warren Buffet’s to shareholders, and why U.S. regional banks make sense for Canadian investors

Ruth Saldanha 4 March, 2019 | 6:00PM

What did investors read about last week? The top performing Canadian mutual funds of 2018, Warren Buffet’s annual letter to shareholders, and why U.S. regional banks make sense for Canadian investors, were the most popular articles last week

The best performing mutual funds of 2018
Of over 1,000 medalist mutual funds that had positive returns, most of the top performers are U.S. focused

Buffett says focus on the forest, forget the trees
"A few of our trees are diseased and unlikely to be around a decade from now," admits Warren Buffett, "Many others, though, are destined to grow in size and beauty”

Canadian bank-lovers should look beyond our Southern border
U.S. regional banks boast a US $2 trillion market cap - larger than the entire Canadian equity market, according to Hamilton Capital

Crossing the retirement finish line
What are the ideal asset allocations for your age when planning for retirement?

Are you ready for your 2018 taxes?
A guide to making your return less taxing this year

These three Canadian bank stocks are flashing buy signals
A savage sell-off of Canadian banking stocks have left these dividend-paying lenders looking cheap and attractive to long-term investors

Three stocks sprouting in a growing organic market
Mainstream markets are cultivating more organic options from these brands

The fundamentals for REITs remain solid
If overall growth is slowing, it makes REITs look relatively better when compared to other sectors, argues Signature Global’s Lee Goldman

China tech is a jade diamond in the rough
In trying times, the Sino Silicon Valley is a game-changer

3 ESG investment strategies: passive, integrated and active
Of the three, the integrated strategy offers the best of both worlds – superior ESG rating and better financial performance, finds a PWL Capital study

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