Top Articles for the week of Feb. 11

MOST READ: The most read articles were about Canada – Canadian stocks, Canadian banks, and Canadian mutual funds!

Ruth Saldanha 19 February, 2019 | 6:00PM

What did investors read about last week? Canadian banks, ten cheap Canadian stocks, the top performing mutual funds of 2018 were the most popular articles last week

10 Canadian stocks that are still cheap
Markets may be up, but there are still 49 stocks that are trading below our fair value estimates

The best performing mutual funds of 2018
Of over 1,000 medalist mutual funds that had positive returns, most of the top performers are U.S. focused

These three Canadian bank stocks are flashing buy signals
A savage sell-off of Canadian banking stocks have left these dividend-paying lenders looking cheap and attractive to long-term investors

Canada is not headed for a recession
Jobs, wages, inflation – carefully selected trends - are blending into a fundamentally bright future for investors in 2019

Arm your portfolio with these three defence picks
As the U.S. and its traditional allies around the world beef up military capabilities, these defence contractors and arms manufacturers are scaling up production to meet soaring demand

Investors in preferred shares need diversification
Diversification across credit, structure and sectors will offer protection in times of volatility, says NBI’s Jean Mathieu Gareau

New mortgage rules are stressing out the Canadian housing market
Rules meant to deleverage are delivering dangers of their own

Be careful in emerging market bonds
Three key factors – and China - have this portfolio manager treading cautiously

Canadian stock earnings this past week
Several Canadian companies reported earnings this past week – here’s a look at six companies covered by Morningstar analysts

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