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Top 10 articles for the week of Sept. 10

MOST READ: What a million dollars will be worth in 35 years, turning money into super dollars and three beverage stocks

Ruth Saldanha 17 September, 2018 | 2:00PM
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What did investors read this past week? What a million dollars will be worth in 35 years, turning money into super dollars and three beverage stocks; the details are below.

What will $1 million be worth in 35 years?
Inflation will eat away at your money's purchasing power, so plan in terms of real returns.

How to turn your money into superdollars
Investors who start early have a huge head start toward saving enough for retirement.

Three beverage stocks to tap for frothy markets
These ubiquitous companies have proved to be steady performers even at the time of wild market swings.

FGP manager makes the case for preferred shares
Risk of another meltdown is minimal, Ryan Domsy says

The keys to financial success are incredibly mundane (sorry!)
Stop looking for investment alchemy; it's the boring stuff that really matters.

What is a safe-haven investment?
Fans of bitcoin say it trumps gold as a safe-haven asset, so Morningstar analysts have created a framework to determine what a safe-haven investment is..

Microsoft or Alphabet: The next trillion-dollar company
Last week Amazon briefly joined Apple in this elite club. Who will be next?

Pender Value manager targets high-growth small-cap stocks
David Barr applies a long-term value approach to find companies that will grow over 20 to 30 years.

How yield differs from income
One represents today, the other tomorrow.

What if this turns out to be a terrible time to retire?
Pre-retirees and new retirees concerned about sequencing risk can take steps to protect themselves.

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