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Ian Tam, CFA 23 February, 2021 | 2:51AM
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Yesterday, I wrote about some mutual funds choices for your RRSP. Today we turn our attention to exchange traded funds, or ETFs.

The world of ETFs in Canada has evolved quickly. What was once a handful of indexed products is now a universe of over 1000 vehicles from Canadian-domiciled fund manufacturers. Suffice to say, not all ETFs are created equal. Though the choices can seem overwhelming, there are 3 main types of ETFs in Canada:

1. Passive or Indexed ETFs: These are the most well-known school of ETFs, low cost and designed to track an index. These lower costs can impact your investment substantially over time when compounded, especially in an RRSP account which is designed to largely be left alone until you retire.

2. Strategic Beta ETFs: These straddle the line between active and passive. These products leverage quantitative investment techniques to remove much of the human element in investing, with the intent to gain exposure to a specific fundamental factor such as growth, value, quality, momentum, risk or dividends. Like passive investments, they typically charge lower fees than active managers but still provide an active tilt toward a specific investment style.

3. Actively Managed ETFs: These products are like mutual funds, where a manager (a human being) is making decisions either in picking individual securities, or in making broader asset allocation decisions.

Across these three types of ETFs, I used Morningstar Direct to screen for those in the largest categories in Canada by both the Morningstar Rating (a.k.a. “star rating”) or Morningstar Quantitative Rating or Morningstar Analyst Rating. Click here for a descriptor of both ratings mentioned in the prior article.

Passive or Indexed ETFs 



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Ian Tam, CFA  is Director of Investment Research at Morningstar Canada. 


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