What’s a ‘Metaverse’ Anyway?

Everyone seems to be talking about the future of the internet. Is it likely to become a reality soon, and should you invest?

Yan Barcelo 1 November, 2021 | 1:56AM
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The ‘metaverse’ is a new high-tech buzzword, heavily promoted by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other tech luminaries. (Not all, though. Twitter’s Jack Dorsey calls it ‘Dystopian’) It promises, (among other things) that its denizens will be virtually present in 3D shared environments, not simply looking at such environments in 2D on a computer screen. These virtual 3D spaces will then be linked in a virtual universe where you will be able to see and participate with others (through avatars). Participation could include talking, playing, working, and you could even potentially be able to manipulate objects and exchange cryptocurrencies.

For example, in a 3D-type of Zoom or Teams session, you will not ‘see people on your screen’, you will be ‘inside the screen’, in the room as an avatar, talking and sharing documents and things with other avatars.

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