Ukraine War: One Year On - Was Bill Browder Right?

VIDEO: One year on from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, UK editor Ollie Smith looks back at his interview with Kremlin foe Bill Browder to see if any of his predictions were correct

Ollie Smith 24 February, 2023 | 1:18AM
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One year ago, the Russian Federation defied the west to invade Ukraine, throwing the status quo aside and adding a new chapter to the history of European war.

In May, I sat down with renowned Kremlin foe (and author) Bill Browder, who is currently chief executive of Hermitage Capital Management. Having made an enemy of Vladimir Putin in the 1990s and 2000s, he is better placed than most to personally understand the threat posed by Russia, and its capabilities.

In this video, I kick off a special week of coverage devoted to the war in Ukraine one year on. I examine whether any of the predictions Browder made were correct, and attempt to put some of what happened in 2022 into context.

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