Back to School Basics: Money

How do I get money? Special correspondent Oliver Pacheco gets to the bottom of our most fundamental financial questions.

Ruth Saldanha 31 August, 2023 | 4:31AM
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You can watch the entire series here.

Oliver Pacheco: Hello, I am Oliver Pacheco, and this is Ian Tam. Today, we're going to talk about money. How do I get money?

Ian Tam: Great question. So, you know sometimes when you go on a roller coaster, how do you feel after you go on a roller coaster? You feel really, really good, right? It was a great deal. You accomplished something. So, sometimes people give money to other people that have accomplished something or have done some work. So, when you get a bit older, you might be able to start doing chores in exchange for some money and when you get a lot, lot older, you might even get a job and that's how you're going to get money.

Pacheco: Well, why don't I get money soon right now?

Tam: Right now?

Pacheco: Because I'm going to lose a tooth.

Tam: Oh, that's right. Yeah, that's right. That's another way to get money. Once you lose your tooth, you're going to put it under your pillow and then maybe the tooth fairy will come and give you some money. Yeah, that's right. That's the exchange of something for money. Yeah, exactly.

Pacheco: What can I with money?

Tam: Oh, my goodness, Oliver. You can do so many things with money. But for you, I think you said you like going on roller coasters, right? You can use that money to go on a really, really fast roller coaster ride if you wanted to. Other people can use money for all sorts of things like playing games, buying toys, eating food, lots of different things.

Pacheco: And buying stuff.

Tam: Yeah. And buying stuff. Exactly.

Pacheco: I already know the answer.

Tam: Oh, you're so smart. You know all the answers in advance.

Pacheco: Except for how do I get money. I don't know that one. But since that you told me, now I know.

Tam: Now you know. That's right. Good job.

Pacheco: Thank you for coming.

Tam: Hey, Oliver. Thanks for having me.


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