Title Collection Author Date
This Vanguard ETF Navigates Emerging Markets with a Low-Cost Strategy ETF Insight Lan Anh Tran 10-05-24
Canadians Leaving Commission-Based Funds: Report Fund Insight Michael Dobson 02-04-24
Dear Santa, Or Morningstar’s Financial Wishlist for 2024 Market Insights Ian Tam, CFA 18-12-23
Fund Profile: Vanguard Allocation ETFs Fund Insight Michael Dobson 06-10-23
How Have the Most Expensive Funds Done in Canada? Fund Insight Ian Tam, CFA 14-08-23
Why Index Funds and ETFs Are Good for Retirees Personal Finance Christine Benz 23-05-23
Beware of These Fund Red Flags Fund Insight Sarah Dowling 23-05-23
Fund Teams Face Off: BMO vs. TD vs. RBC Fund Insight Danielle LeClair 24-03-23
Canada’s Cheapest (But Well-Rated) ETFs ETF Insight Ian Tam, CFA 16-03-23
More to Funds than Fees - Part 2: Themes, ESG and Ratings Fund Insight Ian Tam, CFA 01-02-23
More to Funds than Fees: Keep an Eye out for these Attributes Fund Insight Ian Tam, CFA 31-01-23
Segregated Funds Are Not the Right Way to Resist Market Volatility Fund Insight Yan Barcelo 05-12-22
Financial Literacy Month: Fees are an Important Consideration Education Ian Tam, CFA 23-11-22
The Hidden Costs of Trading Cryptocurrency Market Insights Madeline Hume 06-05-22
Canadian Fund Fee Trends and the Cost of Advice in Canada Fund Insight Danielle LeClair and Ian Tam 31-03-22
Funds and ETFs: Is Cheaper Always Better? Fund Insight Ian Tam, CFA 02-12-21
Are Fees the Only Investment Consideration? Personal Finance Sara Silano 27-05-21
If You Exit a Fund, Do It for the Right Reasons Fund Insight Yan Barcelo 09-02-21
10 Gold-Medalist Equity Mutual Funds Fund Insight Andrew Willis 03-02-21
Dear Santa... Market Insights Ian Tam, CFA 23-12-20
Canadians Get ‘Above Average’ Investment Disclosures Market Insights Ruth Saldanha 15-12-20
The Most Over- and Undersold Benefits of ETFs ETF Insight Ben Johnson, CFA 15-12-20
Our Comment Letter to the OSC Market Insights Ian Tam, CFA 08-09-20
How to Be a Better Investor: Episode 3 Education Ruth Saldanha 27-08-20
Our Letter About Fund Fees in Ontario Special Report Ian Tam, CFA 03-07-20
Investors Getting the Best of a Bad Situation in Ontario Personal Finance Ruth Saldanha 02-07-20
What Do the Mutual Fund Classes Mean? Education Ian Tam, CFA 26-06-20
Ontario DSC Rules Promote Wealth Inequality Special Report Ruth Saldanha 25-06-20
How Fees Can Hurt Fund Insight Ian Tam, CFA 04-06-20
Pandemic Put More Money Into ETFs ETF Insight Ruth Saldanha 03-06-20
Why Fees Matter Education Ian Tam, CFA 01-06-20
Ratings to refine your portfolio Education Ruth Saldanha 26-05-20
High risk portfolios have lower fees Fund Insight Yan Barcelo 25-02-20
Fees 101 Education Ian Tam, CFA 14-01-20
We're focusing on fees Video Ian Tam, CFA 08-01-20
How to start trading Personal Finance Neil Jonatan 07-01-20
“The market is no benchmark”: a comment Special Report Paul Kaplan 06-01-20
A polite reminder on fees Special Report Ian Tam, CFA 16-12-19
Canada's top 3 low-cost mutual funds Video Andrew Willis 06-12-19
Canadians are still getting gouged Video Ruth Saldanha 02-12-19
What is an exchange-traded fund? Personal Finance Karen Wallace 19-11-19
Canada's flawed financial advice industry Video Ruth Saldanha 03-10-19
Canadian investors get a ‘Below Average’ fee experience Personal Finance Ruth Saldanha 17-09-19
Investors should focus on fees right now Video Andrew Willis 25-07-19
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