Investing for beginners

Empowering Investor Success

It takes money to make life better, to fund education, to buy a home, to take a vacation, to retire. We are here to help you achieve your real life goals, to help you make better investment decisions, to empower your success. Thank you for choosing

    Investing basics

    • Investing in your 20s

      You’ve already got the most valuable asset around – put it to work

    • Group of 30 year olds

      Investing in your 30s

      How to strike the right balance between expenses now and income later

    • Roadway through mountains

      Investing in your 40s

      Even if you’re on the road to retirement, it’s time for a savings and risk reality check

    • Road with horizon ahead

      Investing in your 50s

      An investing roadmap is paramount in your peak earnings years – here are a few essential stops on the way to meeting your retirement goals

    • Lawn chairs facing lake

      Investing in your 60s

      As retirement looms, it is important to have a plan, and then invest accordingly, to achieve all your retirement goals

    • Retired couple at lake

      Investing in your 70s

      Keep it conservative, focus on your cash flow, and other advice to ensure a retirement without wealth woes

    • Retired couple in front of sunset

      Investing in your 80s and beyond

      How to plan, prepare and find the right people you can trust to ensure a comfortable retirement

    • How to set your savings rate

      Savings rate rules of thumb are better than nothing, but smart investors customize their own savings targets

    • 7 steps to set your in-retirement cash-flow needs

      Rules of thumb may be too high for affluent retirees with high savings rates, but there are deal-breakers to watch out for

    • The Morningstar Quantitative Rating for funds

      The Morningstar Quantitative Rating for funds is powered by a machine-learning model that leverages the same decision-making processes and data our analyst staff uses to create their ratings. See this data in action on the Analyst tab of the Fund report pages.

    • The Morningstar Fair Value estimate

      The Morningstar Fair Value Estimate tells investors what the long-term intrinsic value of a stock is, helping them see beyond the present market price.

    • The Morningstar Economic Moat rating

      The Morningstar Economic Moat Rating represents a company's sustainable competitive advantage. A company with an economic moat can fend off competition and earn high returns on capital for many years to come.

    • The Morningstar Rating for stocks

      The Morningstar Rating for stocks can help investors uncover stocks that are truly undervalued, cutting through the market noise.

    • Investing for the First Time

      The Morningstar Rating for funds

      The Morningstar Rating for Funds, often called the Star Rating, is a data-driven rating that measures how well a fund has performed compared to similar funds.

    • The Morningstar Sustainability Rating for funds

      More than 34,000 funds currently have a Morningstar Sustainability Rating globally and that number is growing. This new rating was developed in cooperation with data supplier Sustainalytics.