Financial Literacy

What is a 'Fund'?

Funds are suitable for investors who do not have the time or expertise to construct and monitor a portfolio themselves. We go back to basics and explain

    Investing basics

    • Understanding Stock Prices

      A stock’s price level could indicate nothing about its intrinsic value

    • Morningstar Money Challenge

      Take the month-long Morningstar Money Challenge and start getting your financial life organized!

    • What is a Bubble?

      What happens when the stock market turns into a casino – and what to do when it does

    • 4 Money Tips for Students

      Before you start classes, and after the summer we’ve had, take a minute to prepare for what you can

    • Money Anxiety? Financial Therapy Could Help

      Financial therapy combines therapeutic and financial proficiencies where specialists help people improve their relationship with money

    • How to Paydown Debt

      Tackle the fire fastest with a debt ‘avalanche’ – or get psychological wins sooner with the ‘snowball’ method

    • My #1 Money Lessons

      Morningstar experts reflect on the money lessons they would have wanted their younger selves to know

    • How to be a Better Investor

      We have some tips to build wealth, and help you spot the pitfalls to avoid as you make money

    • The Basics of Investing

      Our guest hosts ask the questions that all of us once asked - what are stocks? What is income? What are dividends? Why does any of this matter?

    • What is a Stock Split?

      Companies like to play with the price of their stocks sometimes…here’s why and what you should know

    • Back to Basics: What are Mutual Funds?

      Why people buy them and why fees are key

    • How to invest according to your age

      No matter where you are in life, we've got you covered

    • The Morningstar Dictionary

      A glossary of useful terms to help you understand your investments

    • The Road to Retirement

      And maps to get you there for each stage of the investment journey

    • Morningstar Money MythBuster

      Join Mr. Morningstar Money Man on Money Mythbuster, where we'll knock down the obstacles in the way of your investment success!

    • Back to School: What is an RESP?

      A smart way anyone can invest and get support for a child’s education – here’s how they help make those dreams a reality

    • What Is Proxy Voting and Why You Should Care

      You are a shareholder of the companies in your portfolio, and proxy voting is the way for you to have a say

    • Bear Market, Economic Recession: Where Are We Now?

      Answers to questions you might be asking about where the market stands.

    • The Morningstar Quantitative Rating for funds

      The Morningstar Quantitative Rating for funds is powered by a machine-learning model that leverages the same decision-making processes and data our analyst staff uses to create their ratings. See this data in action on the Analyst tab of the Fund report pages.

    • The Morningstar Fair Value estimate

      The Morningstar Fair Value Estimate tells investors what the long-term intrinsic value of a stock is, helping them see beyond the present market price.

    • The Morningstar Economic Moat rating

      The Morningstar Economic Moat Rating represents a company's sustainable competitive advantage. A company with an economic moat can fend off competition and earn high returns on capital for many years to come.

    • The Morningstar Rating for stocks

      The Morningstar Rating for stocks can help investors uncover stocks that are truly undervalued, cutting through the market noise.

    • Investing for the First Time

      The Morningstar Rating for funds

      The Morningstar Rating for Funds, often called the Star Rating, is a data-driven rating that measures how well a fund has performed compared to similar funds.

    • The Morningstar Sustainability Rating for funds

      More than 34,000 funds currently have a Morningstar Sustainability Rating globally and that number is growing. This new rating was developed in cooperation with data supplier Sustainalytics.

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