TD launches two new equity funds

Morningstar Canada 13 September, 2017 | 5:00PM

TD U.S. Dividend Growth and TD North American Small-Cap Equity are the newest additions to the TD mutual-fund line-up. Both are managed internally by TD Asset Management Inc.

TD U.S. Dividend Growth will invest in profitable dividend-paying companies that manager David Sykes and his team considers to have sustainable competitive advantages and superior growth of free cash flow, TDAM said in a Sept 12 release announcing the launch of the funds.

TD North American Small-Cap Equity will invest in Canadian and U.S. companies that manager Jean Masson and his team select on the basis of track records of steady growth and that make efficient use of capital.

The management fee for the no-load Investor series is 1.7% for TD U.S. Dividend Growth and 1.8% TD North American Small-Cap Equity, with the fee-based F series a full percentage point cheaper for each fund. The fee for the D series, which is distributed through discount brokers, is 1.05% for each fund. In addition to the management fees, TD charges an administration fee of 0.3% for each retail series of the two funds, covering most expenses.

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