Morningstar Sustainable Investing Analysis

Morningstar Sustainability for your investment decisions.

More than 34,000 funds currently have a Morningstar Sustainability Rating globally and that number is growing. This new rating was developed in cooperation with data supplier Sustainalytics.

  • Sustainable investing myths debunked

    Last week brought two major IPO filings, the stunning fall of a former unicorn, a game-changing streaming media deal, and a few revealing details ahead of the IPO of the most valuable VC-backed company in the US


  • Canada fares poorly in sustainability

    The sector remains relatively immune from economic shocks, have relatively recession-proof products and pay healthy dividends – but the stocks are expensive

  • No smoking sign

    Sustainability: who walks the talk?

    The sector remains relatively immune from economic shocks, has relatively recession-proof products and pays healthy dividends – but the stocks are expensive

  • Japan's governance reforms could be a game changer

    Shareholder engagement is on the rise in Japan, and valuations are going to reflect an increased focus on ESG

  • It pays to do the right thing

    ESG is a source of alpha – with the right approach: Morningstar Executive Forum

  • Responsible investing firm’s focus list includes energy and J&J

    NEI sees a role for companies willing to change for the climate

  • Sustainable Investing

    List: Top Rated Sustainable Funds

    View the highest rated sustainable funds in Canada

  • List: High Yield Earth Friendly Funds

    This list of funds have a yield greater than 8% and are ranked with a high sustainability rating.

  • List: Five for Five

    This is a list of 5 Star and 5 Globe rated Funds. The best of both ratings.