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An interview with Jason Zweig, author of Your Money and Your Brain

Christine Benz 27 October, 2009 | 6:00PM

The field of behavioural finance examines the intersection between psychology and economic decision-making. In his fascinating recent book, Your Money and Your Brain, Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig examines a heretofore little-known aspect of behavioural finance: neuroeconomics, or how our brains respond in real-life financial situations. I recently sat down with Jason to discuss investor behaviour and his tips for becoming a better investor.

Christine Benz: People may be familiar with behavioural finance. How is neuroeconomics different?

Jason Zweig: What neuroeconomics does is take the high-technology tools of contemporary neuroscience, which center on the ability to observe activation in the brain at the regional level. So you're able to see which areas of the brain are activated under particular circumstances, and then you correlate that activity to behaviour and also to the stimulus that triggered the activity in the first place.

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