Reviewing portfolios

Claymore Investments, Inc. 15 May, 2010 | 4:38AM

During rebalance reviews, investors can compare how market moves have affected their weightings. As markets move, different components of the portfolio will have moved resulting in slight changes from the original weighting selected for each component. Investors are then able to decide whether they want to make changes by rebalancing back to initial weights or change the asset allocations to different weights.

The rebalance process represents an investor selling the assets that have appreciated above their target weights, and re-distributing the proceeds to other opportunities, or asset classes which are below their target weights, in an effort to have portfolio allocations return to their initial weightings. The rebalance period can also be used to make overweight or underweight decisions and decisions about adding and subtracting various themes based on new market information or outlook. For most investors, themes and allocations should always be considered and evaluated for both potential performance and risks to determine whether it is a suitable investment for their portfolio.

With a broad range of intelligent index ETFs to choose from, we hope you'll consider Claymore ETFs during your next rebalance.

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