Examples of Claymore's more intelligent index selection

Claymore Investments, Inc. 14 May, 2010 | 3:18AM
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Let's look at a few examples:

For our Core Equity ETFs, our fundamental index ETFs track FTSE RAFI Fundamental Indexes which were created by Research Affiliates to weight and rebalance companies based on four fundamental factors: dividends, sales, cash flow and book value.

The Claymore Bond ETFs were designed with DEX using a more intelligent "ladder" strategy and strict minimum quality ratings.

Claymore partnered with Manulife Global Investments to create and track indexes for the agriculture and infrastructure sectors, which weight the top companies in each of these sectors using 15 factors of value.

For Claymore's Global Real Estate ETF is based on an index by Cohen & Steers, which uses both qualitative and quantitative factors to select the top real estate companies in the world.

Our Claymore CorePortfolios were the first ETFs-of-ETFs, which use ETFs to construct a strategic asset allocation portfolio that is rebalanced every quarter.

Claymore prides itself on innovation. To see a more complete list, visit the Claymore Firsts page on our website. While we're proud of our accomplishments to date, we look forward to continuing to bring intelligent and innovative ETFs for Canadian investors in the future.

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