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Women in Investing

SPECIAL REPORT: We turn the spotlight on women this week – women who manage money, analyze stocks and help plan your financial future!

Ruth Saldanha 4 March, 2019 | 6:00PM
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On International Women’s Day today, the 8th of March, Morningstar finds that though Corporate board gender diversity is increasing, progress is hampered by a smaller talent pool. Even assuming corporate boards are sincere in their desire to increase gender diversity, female candidates meeting the traditional standards are a rare resource.

Women make up only a fraction of public company senior management positions and existing board positions. As a result, corporate boards are selecting from the same, small population of female executives and existing board directors.

Here at home, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives finds that only 4% of Canadian CEOs and 10% of top executives are women, and even when women do break into this rarefied group, they are still paid less than their male colleagues.

The report finds that among full-time workers, women make $0.83 for every dollar that men make. Among senior managers, the ratio is marginally better, at $0.86. However, among top executives, women make an abysmal $0.68 for every dollar their male colleagues make. This amounts to women at the top of corporate Canada getting paid $950,000 less a year.

This week, we feature the women who are represented in Canadian financial services. Every day of this week, we will feature a skilled female mutual fund manager, and we will speak to advisors, analysts and planners, to help women make their money work harder for them.


Here’s what you can expect this week:


Canadian dividend growth will slow this year
Vivian Lo, Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager of the Gold-rated imaxx Canadian Dividend Plus Fund tells us what to expect for the rest of this year

Could she win the next Nobel prize in Economics?
It is hard to imagine an academic economist with a more distinguished record than Deirdre McCloskey

Women need to think differently when investing
Women have to work harder at finances than men, because they have a longer time to plan for, more people to care for, and often lower incomes to work with


Small caps come with large discounts
Teresa Lee, Co-Chief Investment Officer of Sionna Investment Managers and the Manager of the Gold-rated Sionna Canadian Small Cap Equity Fund shares her picks in Canadian small caps

Women starting a business should start here
The federal government estimates that Canada will have the potential to add $150 billion in incremental GDP by 2026 as the number of majority women-owned businesses is expected to double by 2025.


The risk and return profile is more reasonable today than 3-months ago
Virginia Au, Vice President and portfolio manager of the bronze-rated Invesco Global Small Companies fund explains where to find value in the riskier global small cap space

What should women ask financial planners?
Get personal when seeking advice, express your goals, and request careful risks


Analyzing the opportunities in emerging markets
Patricia Perez-Coutts serves as Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager at Westwood, and manager of the NBI Westwood Emerging Markets Fund addresses the recent geopolitical turmoil in South Asia, and explains why she cannot find too many opportunities in Brazil right now

Responsible investing firm’s focus list includes energy and J&J in 2019
Michelle de Cordova at NEI sees a role for companies willing to change their ways for the climate


Money, millennials, and emerging markets
Regina Chi leads AGF’s emerging market strategies, and talks about the impact of millennials in emerging markets

Divorce yourself from financial friction
Approximately 68% of divorces stem from conflicts regarding finances, and many can be avoided by simply opening a financial line of dialogue

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