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SPECIAL REPORT: We focus on emerging markets this week – the factors driving their growth and global investment opportunities

Andrew Willis 29 April, 2019 | 2:00PM
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Economies on the rise in the digital age have new advantages and opportunities to support their advancement. Integrations of new technologies, better access to information and competitive regulatory developments are driving growth globally. But markets earlier in their development have the most to gain, and this week we’re going to look at the rising stars in emerging markets, and the risks to watch out for.

Opportunities in advancing economies, from South East Asia to South America, to Africa present the potential for significant upside. We want to show Canadian investors facing a slow growth, late stage economic cycle locally why they should consider going global.

We’ll also examine risks in emerging markets, an essential exercise in a venture that can be high-reward, but also high-risk. In fact, Morningstar’s John Rekenthaler argues that while emerging-markets stocks could outperform, they do not merit being treated as an asset class at all!

This week, we’ll bring you beyond borders, fill you in on some of the latest emerging market economic developments, and focus on some sector-specific trends and specialized investment products.

Here’s what you can expect this week:


Changes in emerging market indices
Emerging market investing is being shaken up this year with changes to the way China, Saudi Arabia and South Korea are represented in indices

China tech could take a hit from ad sales
A cascade effect of weaker consumer sentiment, slower e-commerce traffic and reduced confidence of advertisers could put pressure on margins in the sector


Emerging markets go for gold
The demand for gold from emerging market central banks surged in 2018, while India, China, the Middle East and Turkey continued to consume the bulk of jewelry

Why investors are eyeing Indian equities
What is to become the third-largest economy has the potential to deliver 18% annually over the next five years


Canada's only gold-rated EM mutual fund
It’s from one of the smaller investment outfits in the country but boasts a strong team and sizable research effort

EMs outperform Canadian markets
Though emerging markets might have underperformed U.S. equities in the long term, we find that the same is not true in Canada

Whatever happened to emerging-markets stock funds?
John Rekenthaler argues that while emerging-markets stocks could outperform, they do not merit being treated as an asset class.


Emerging markets ‘leapfrogging’ normal development
New technologies are allowing industries in developing economies to quickly catch up with – and in some cases, surpass – the rest of the world

Is now a good time to enter emerging markets?
With growth slowing locally, should investors look abroad and what kind of geopolitical issues should they watch out for?


Invest in two billion new bank accounts
How new technologies are accelerating financial access in emerging markets and opening up a world of investment opportunities

Thailand and the UAE are attractive markets
Both countries have current account surpluses in 2018, and have strong external balance positions to help them withstand currency pressures, says AGF Investments' Regina Chi

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