Coming up next week, we examine the role of environmental, social and governance screens in investing, and give you tips and ideas to make your portfolio responsible!

Ruth Saldanha 20 September, 2019 | 2:00PM
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Climate Protests

Sustainable investing is here to stay. Environmental, social and governance factors play an increasingly important role in most investors’ portfolios, and Morningstar's research finds that most investors, across ages and genders, have a clear preference for sustainable investing. Moreover, research finds that responsible companies tend to outperform. So investors don’t need to give up alpha to invest responsibly.

Once we establish that sustainability is the way forward, it makes sense to dive a little bit deeper into the idea. E, S and G may be talked about equally, but governance is the most important of the pillars as it applies to all companies. Oftentimes, it also is the easiest to understand. “Governance factors really play a role across all companies in all industries, whereas the social and environmental factors may be more material in some industries than others. Governance is important across the board,” says Jon Hale, Morningstar’s head of sustainability research.

Which isn’t to say the other two pillars don’t matter. Environment is increasingly important, not just in investing, but in our very survival. Our planet is on fire. In some cases, like the Amazon forests, quite literally. And Canada, surprisingly, isn’t doing as much as it should to combat the effects of climate change. The Morningstar Sustainability Atlas finds that we fare poorly in sustainability. This isn’t new. We’ve talked about how we’re already past the point of mitigation in climate change. It is so important, that climate is likely to be one of the main deciding points in the Canadian federal elections next month. And while climate change is indeed a key issue, we shouldn't overlook other environmental risks like biodiversity loss, and water insecurity. If we do, we'll miss a huge economic opportunity.

And what of ‘Social’? One of the reasons that Canadian companies fares so poorly on sustainability is because of the controversies around indigenous rights, lending to defense companies, and gender diversity. Still, some small steps have been made, for example, with shareholders recently voting for gender diversity at Ontario-based Waste Connections (WCN).

What does all of this mean for investors? We will examine questions around ESG investing in detail over this week. Here’s what you can expect:


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