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Dividends, top Canadian mutual funds, house prices and tax were the popular themes of this year!

Ruth Saldanha 30 December, 2020 | 1:30AM
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Wow. Where to begin with the year we just had? With almost the entire world in lockdown at one point or another of 2020, it is safe to say that this year has not been ‘normal’. In fact it’s so ‘not-normal’ that Oxford Languages, thepublisher of the Oxford English Dictionary, doesn’t even have a Word of the Year for 2020. Instead, this year’s report highlights the impact of the coronavirus on the English language.

The report highlights words in each month. January, for example, had words like ‘Bushfire’ (remember that?) and ‘Impeachment’, followed by ‘Acquittal’ in February. March and April were dominated with ‘Coronavirus’, ‘COVID-19’, ‘Lockdown’ and ‘Social Distancing’. June and July were ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Cancel Culture’ and ‘BIPOC’. October had ‘Super Spreader’.

What a year, indeed.

At Morningstar Canada, though, the themes, trends and topics that interested our readers did not deviate wildly from previous years, which goes to show that in the long-term, as the Sufi poet Attar showed in his fable, ‘This too shall pass.’

The topics of interest included dividends, real estate, cheap stock picks, and Canadian mutual funds. Here are the 10 most viewed pieces of content in 2020:


20 cheap Canadian dividend stocks
Several dividend-paying stocks have entered the ‘cheap’ territory in the ongoing correction


Buy the dip with these 10 cheap Canadian stocks
It’s best not to sell when facing volatility and market corrections - However, if you have some cash to deploy, here are some 'cheap' stocks in our coverage universe to consider


Canada’s top 3 mutual funds of the decade
These gold-rated actively managed approaches took top spots for long term performance


TFSAs aren’t for saving
RRSPs get all the investor attention this time of the year, and they shouldn’t


10 Canadian Dividend Stocks That Are Still Cheap
Banks, energy companies and consumer plays, among others stocks with yield on sale


COVID-19: Will Canadian house prices fall?
Are we in store for a correction, or at least some price stability, as the lockdowns cool bidding wars? John Pasalis explains


Not the Best Time to Buy a House?
Falling rents while sales skyrocket - what to make of the Canadian real estate madness right now with Realosophy's John Pasalis


The best mutual funds for retirement
These funds are gold-rated, and have either four or five stars


Working From Home? Mind the Tax Rules
You must be required by your employer to deduct expenses, and there are limitations


Canada’s top 20 dividend stocks
In the second quarter of 2019, they broke all-time S&P/TSX 60 records

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