The Basics of Investing

Our guest hosts ask the questions that all of us once asked – what are stocks? What is income? What are dividends? Why does any of this matter?

Ruth Saldanha 2 September, 2020 | 12:23AM
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Morningstar Guest Hosts

All of us have questions. Sometimes, we might not ask them, especially if we think they’re ‘dumb’. There’s no such thing as a dumb question. Our nine guest hosts got together to ask our Director of Investment Research Ian Tam all the questions on their minds, from stocks, to dividends, to portfolios to bonds.

Take a look – you might learn something new too!

Back to School: Stocks 101
Imagining a bunch of grown-ups trading candy with each other, with Ian Tam and Guest Host Mikayla Pe

Back to School: What is Investing?
How hiding your money for a while can get more of it! With Ian Tam and guest host Aaron Tam

Back to School: Risk 101
You found a wild investment! Do you take it? How to decide what’s right for you with guest host, William Kruglyak, and Ian Tam

Back to School: ESG 101
How both you and the environment win when you choose sustainable investments, with Ian Tam and guest host, Sophie Joly

Back to School: What is a Fund Manager?
Guest host Eli Flood investigates these big money bosses, and what they do to help you, with Ian Tam

Back to School: What is a Portfolio
Learn how to make your money into the right mix of colours, with Ian Tam and guest host Liam Flood 

Back to School: What is Investing for Income?
What is income, and how do I get some!? With Ian Tam and guest host Matthew Tam

Back to School: Bonds 101
Guest host Tyler Cowan asks Ian Tam about bonds!

Back to School: Dividends 101
Get to know one of the coolest forms of income with Ian Tam and our guest host, Ethan Lu!






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