Back to School - Investing Basics

From crypto to sustanability and savings practices, our young hosts discuss essential personal finance and investing knowledge.

Andrew Willis 29 August, 2023 | 3:48PM
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Ever wonder what contributes to inflation? And what are the best ways to make a budget? It's not uncommon for the most advanced investors to wonder about basic topics - and everyone should brush up from time to time. With the help of Director of Investment Research Ian Tam, Canada's newest investors are going back to school - and so should you!

Back to School Basics: Money
How do I get money? Special correspondent Oliver Pacheco gets to the bottom of our most fundamental financial questions.

Back to School Basics: Mutual Funds
What are mutual funds and how should I pick them? Zorzet Liavas asks Ian Tam.

Back to School Basics: ETFs
What are ETFs and how are they like hockey cards? Find out with Nathan Brown and Ian Tam.

Back to School Basics: Investing
What age can I start investing? And how can I do it? William Kruglyak has the answers with Ian Tam.

Back to School Basics: Cryptocurrency
Thinking of becoming a Bitcoin billionaire? Magnus Zhong and Ian Tam share some things to consider when it comes to investing in crypto.

Back to School Basics: Inflation
Why is everything so expensive these days? Veronika asks Ian Tam what causes it and whether it will get better.

Back to School Basics: Retirement
Why do grownups keep talking about retirement? Ashleigh Bretzlaff asks Morningstar's Ian Tam.

Back to School Basics: Saving
How should you save money - and what can you do with it? Find out with Oscar Tyers and  Ian Tam.

Back to School Basics: Sustainable Investing
What does investing have to do with climate change? Youssef Hamoda and Ian Tam explore how to use money to support a green planet.

Back to School Basics: Currencies
What's the difference between the Canadian dollar and other forms of money? Elena Liavas asks Ian Tam.

Back to School Basics: Budgeting
Charlotte Brown asks Morningstar's Ian Tam how to create a plan for her spending - so she can have enough money for her favourite things.

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